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Julius K-9 IDC harness
  • Julius K-9 IDC harness

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    What you get: 


    1 Harness and 2 FREE labels


    When ordering your labels, here are a few things to keep in mind:


    1. Do you want upper and lower case? Type your order how you want it to look. 

             example:  Blaze          example 2: BLAZE


    2. Don't make it too long. We have issues in production if the text is really long. Keep it short and sweet.


    3. Colors always look different on all the varied devices and screens out there. Double check if you have questions about the font color. 


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    Product info:


    These harness are made in Hungary by Julius-K9, a company that specializes in high-end Schutzhund and working dog products and the inventor of the Velcro interchangeable patches system. The Julius-K9 IDC (Innova Dog Comfort) Harness is a high-quality, rugged harness with an innovative, sporty design that is suitable for all dogs, from working dogs to pet dogs whose owners need more control over them.


    The Julius-K9 IDC Harness was designed for optimum distribution of the load acting on the dog. With the IDC Harness, the pulling force of the dog is directly on his chest rather than on his neck as is the case with many other dog harnesses. Because that load acts on the chest of different sizes of dogs at different vector angles, Julius-K9 used mathematical calculations to determine the appropriate size, position, and angle of the chest strap for each size of harness—that's why each size of harness has a different, patented chest strap.


    The Julius-K9 IDC Harness is so easy to take on and off the dog that it can be used for taking your dog into the agility ring; just drop the harness over the dog's head and click in the buckle on the belly band. The harness is designed to allow a full range of motion so your dog can walk or run while wearing it.


    • The surface of the Julius-K9 IDC Harness is made from rugged, scratch-proof, and water-resistant polyester, which makes it an ideal harness for dogs that run in their harness when you're hiking in thickly wooded/shrubbed areas.
    • The underside of the harness is padded with Ökotex, a breathable cotton that is gentle on the dog's coat and skin.
    • The chest and belly straps are made from pressure-tested seatbelt-type webbing and are infinitely adjustable, allowing you to achieve a perfect fit on any dog. The chest belt on sizes 0-2 has a reflective strip stitched on for night-time visibility, while the chest belt for sizes Mini, Mini Mini, Baby 1, and Baby 2 has reflective stitching. All sizes of harnesses have reflective edging.
    • The back of the harness features a steel ring for attaching your leash.
    • Except for the Baby 1 and Baby 2 sizes, this harness also has a handle that enables you to lift or hold your dog when necessary. For safety, the handle fastens down on the harness with Velcro when it's not in use.
    • The harness has a reflective label "patch" on each side that is attached with Velcro. The ones that come with the IDC Harness say "Julius-K9," but additional labels with different words and phrases  as well as custom labels can be purchased separately. 
    • There is a sleeve for inserting a flashlight next to the handle on the size 0 harness, and there are two flashlight sleeves on sizes 1-4.


    The IDC Harness has an angular profile whereas the sides of the Julius-K9 Power Harness are parallel to the ground. Because of this profile difference, we have found that the IDC Harness fits small dogs better than the small sizes of the Power Harness.


    What size harness does your dog need? Click Here for instructions on how to measure your dog and choose the appropriate size.


      What is so good about this harness? Most of the parts are made in Germany! The quality is unrivalled. Julius K-9 has a life time of association with working trials, agility and obedience. These products are based upon the practical demands of a working dog team. Easy handling, not complicated like other harnesses. Just pull the power harness over the head from the dog and klick in the power buckle. The size can be adapted perfectly, perfect fit.  No movement restriction. Hold or uplift the dog with the strong handle. Reflective tape and reflective edge. Flashlight mounting (not for size Baby1 – mini available). Made from hard-wearing nylon. Paddes and lined with cotton for comfort with a reflective chest belt.


      Full Refund within 30 days of purchase. Item must be in new condition. Buyer is responsible for shipping.

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