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Julius K-9 Seatbelt Tether
  • Julius K-9 Seatbelt Tether


    A practical attachment for the IDC Powerharnesses with side rings.  It's easy to use: just connect the carabiner to the side ring and the other part of the adapter should be connected to the seat belt latch.  Important: for safe use you should fix the dog with two adapters connected to the two side rings!  Available in two different sizes: up to 55lbs and over 55lbs.

    This product is intended to keep the dog in place and away from the driver so as not disturb the driver while driving. Neither this nor any other Julius-K9 products are designed to save lives in case of an accident.

    The tether is used on a wide variety of car brands. 


    However, it's not compatible with the following models: - Volvo or Saab


    Please check before use if the adapter is compatible with the latch.  In case of improper use Julius-K9 can't assume responsibility for any injures.


    CAUTION!  This product may not prevent injury in the event of an accident.  Do NOT use the product if damaged. We cannot assume responsibilities in case of an accident. 


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